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Mallory Park Circuit

This circuit is just over a mile long and has an excellent profile with a good mix of both long and short bends and some good straights to max out those machines! We normally use the loop with Charlies and Edwina's and possibley a couple of extras to liven things up, see the events page for additional track info.

Circuit Tour

Lets take a walk around the circuit, starting with.....

Start/Finish line area.

The bank here is the main spectator vantage point at Mallory Park. You can see the start and finish of every race - often the most exciting parts - the entrance to the famous Gerard's Bend, Stebbe Straight, The Esses - then you lose sight of competitors as they head up to the hairpin - only for them to blast out of Devil's Elbow and the dash for the chequered flag.


Named after the great Leicester racing driver Bob Gerard, this is a corner of awesome speed. The first part of Gerard's sees many incidents as it is the first corner after the start and the Kirkby Straight. Spectators can view the racing from their own cars using the Park 'n View area overlooking the corner. You also get a good look at the pits and can see competitors as they take the rest of the corner before they head along the straight and into the Esses. Following the road behind Gerard's, you come to the exit of the corner, with another Park 'n View area high above the track. Speed through Gerard's is vital to a quick lap at Mallory Park, so racers are really "tanking on" here. Exit speeds of over 125mph are not uncommon. There are fine views of Gerard's, Stebbe Straight and the Esses.


This corner is used by the British Superbike Championship exclusively to slow the 200mph Superbikes on the exit of Gerard’s. It is a prime overtaking spot and watching the bikes decelerate from 120mph mid-Gerard’s to around 30mph for the incredibly tight right hander is breathtaking.


The continuation of the corner for the British Superbike Championship sees the riders wind up for the Stebbe Straight. Despite having decelerated to around 30mph, they shoot out of this exit and are doing 100mph by the time they enter the Straight.

Stebbe Straight

The short straight after Gerard's is not used by many spectators, so a place to come if you are feeling unsociable! From here you can see vehicles at their top speeds, as well as having views of Gerard's and the Esses.


For motorcycle use only, with a sharp left hander followed by a right hand bend, then a short straight onto the Esses. There are new spectator banks here, where you will be able to look right down on competitors as they fight for position. This corner is named in honour of Edwina Overend, long time Managing Director of Mallory Park, who died in 2003.

The John Cooper Esses

The fast right left flick is the scene of many late braking efforts. This is a corner that can catch out unwary competitors - it is tighter than it looks! There is a Park and View area overlooking the approach to the corner, as well as a tall bank at the exit. You are close to the action here and you can get a real sense of speed. Views of Gerard's, Stebbe Straight, the run up to the hairpin - and if you are high up - of Devil's Elbow. You will have to leave your car here if you want to continue your lap of the circuit up to......

Shaw's Hairpin

Mallory Park's most famous feature and many spectators favourite spot, the first gear 20/30mph hairpin. There is a large bank overlooking the approach to Shaw's where you can see competitors really stand on the brakes to make the corner. Many last lap overtaking manoeuvres happen here. There are more spectator banks on the exit, all along the circuit leading to Devil's Elbow.

Bus Stop Chicane

At most motorcycle race meetings - vintage and classic ones excepted - the Bus Stop Chicane is used. First installed to slow competitors down as they went through the following Devil's Elbow, it is now one of the best spectator points on the circuit. The very tight left-right-left really closes racers up and you can look right down on them from the high banks that overlook it. Great for taking pictures close up.

Devil's Elbow

A really quick off-camber downhill left-hander, hang on to the fence here and look down into the cockpit of racing cars as they come flashing by. This brings us down to the start/ finish line, which is where we came in...........

Availability of Camping, toilet block, hard standing etc. tbc.